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Where I like to be: surrounded by maps and prints!

Where I like to be: surrounded by maps and prints!

My name is Kitty Liebreich, and Kittyprint.com is my online antique print and map store. I have been selling antique prints and maps for over 40 years. I set up my first website in 1997; in 2002 redeveloped Kittyprint.com and began concentrating on selling online.

I have a very extensive stock of prints and maps covering most countries and topics. To get an idea, just browse this site and you’ll see the sort of things I mean.

I am a Graduate of the London College of Printing in Craft Bookbinding, and have studied Paper Conservation. I have exhibited at various Antique shows around England. I am a member of the International Map Collector’s Society (IMCOS) and still exhibit occasionally at Olympia and other venues in London.

How can I offer such wonderful antique prints and maps for such reasonable prices?

Well, I have been dealing in antique prints and maps since 1970. Over the years I have learned to know exactly what my clients want, and developed the best sources inside and outside the antiques trade.

My customers range from collectors looking for that elusive item to complete their collection to kids looking for a great-value, unique gift for their parents. Many of my customers are simply looking for beautiful objects to furnish their homes or offices; some are interior designers. Most end up coming back time and again, although sometimes only years later!


All my prints and maps are genuine originals and (unless specifically marked) guaranteed over 100 years old. In my book, if something isn’t 100 years old, you can’t call it an antique!

If I don’t have something particular in stock, I can try and find it fairly quickly. If that doesn’t work, I make a note and keep an eye out for it. It always turns up sooner or later. Some customers have been quite surprised to hear from me years later when I’ve tracked down the perfect partner-piece to their first purchase!

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