Antique W.H.Bartlett Prints

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Selected Antique W.H.Bartlett Prints

So you want to collect antique W.H.Bartlett prints?

William Henry Bartlett was trained as an architect, but became a prolific print illustrator, who contributed to a remarkable number of engravings during his brief career. I have a large selection of antique W.H. Bartlett prints.

Exceptionally, W.H.Bartlett travelled to all the places he drew, unlike many of his contemporaries who worked up their pictures from sketches by others.
Bartlett’s output was prodigious, almost all of it destined for the engravers at the behest of a publisher. Only six of his paintings were exhibited at London galleries during his lifetime.
Most W.H.Bartlett prints are steel engravings, this being the dominant illustative process betweeen around 1825 and 1845.

Among his contributions were the following:

  • The Danube William Beattie
  • Willis’s American Scenery
  • Willis’s Canadian Scenery;
  • The Beauties of the Bosphorus
  • The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland
  • Finden’s Ports and Harbours
  • The Christian in Palestine
  • Three volumes of Syria, the Holy Land, Asia Minor etc
  • Beattie’s Castles and Abbeys of England

Given how prolific he was, it is not surprising, then, that W.H.Bartlett’s name is the one found in the bottom left-hand corner of so many topographical prints of this period.

There are many more illustrations in the sections of Views of North America, Austria, Ireland, England,Turkey, and the Holy Land that can be purchased. Even if they are not illustrated above. So please contact me.

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