Antique maps and prints of Australia & New Zealand

For sale below is a selection of beautiful antique landscape prints, illustrations and antique maps of Australia, or, more broadly, Australasia, including Australia and New Zealand, as well as Tasmania and the surrounding islands. If you are looking for a particular location or cartographer, try the search box on the right hand side or feel free to contact me as I have many more in stock.

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Antique maps of Australia

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Landscape prints and illustrations

About antique prints, maps and views of Australia and New Zealand

Antique maps and prints of Australia and New Zealand are particularly fascinating as they document the huge changes that took place in just a few hundred years – the European settlement and colonisation, penal colonies, the treatment of the Aborigines, Maori conflicts, the gold rush and prosperity, the growth of cities including Wellington, Melbourne and Sydney, self-government.

All my antique maps and prints of Australia and New Zealand have a fascinating story to tell in the creation of the modern day countries we know. To name a few examples, the print above of Port Arthur, Tasmania, was published in 1880, just 3 years after Port Arthur was closed as one of the most vicious penal colonies. The prisoners were forced to do hard labour and the picturesque church in the foreground was built by convicts. In the background is the Penitentiary and the prison buildings. The print above of New Plymouth, New Zealand, published in 1880, shows Maori in the foreground and the 1860’s fortified garrison town in the background where Imperial soldiers fought the Maori in the First Taranaki War over disputes of land ownership and sovereignty.
Samuel Prout (1783-1852) was one of the masters of British Romantic watercolour painting. He was much admired by Ruskin.There are two examples of his work above.The Gully at Woolongong and Fern Tree Valley.

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