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About antique maps and prints of Asia

Map making within the continent of Asia pre-dates European printing by hundreds or even thousands of years.

A clay tablet survives from Babylonia, dating back to 700-500BC showing a map the Mesopotamian world. There is evidence that the whole of China and its regions have been mapped in some form as far back as 1100BC, the earliest maps to have survived in China date back to the 4th century BC.

In 1375 the Catalan Atlas was produced by the Majorcan cartographic school and attributed to Abraham Cresques. It was based on the writings of Marco Polo as well as reports by Franciscan Missionaries. Many Indian and Chinese cities can be identified in the work. Marc Polo’s writing also influenced the Fra Mauro map, made around 1450, and the most detailed map of the world at its time. The first map of Asia was published by Munster in 1540, Ortelius’s Atlas in 1570 and Mercators’ Atlas in 1595 included improved detail and individual contours.

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