Antique maps of Southeast Asia and Western Asia

For sale below is a selection of beautiful antique illustrations, landscape prints and antique maps of Southeast Asia and the East Indies, Western Asia and Persia. If you are searching for a particular location or cartographer, please try the search box on the right hand side or feel free to contact me as I have many more in stock.

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About antique maps of Southeast Asia and Western Asia

Southeast Asia – the East Indies

There are a group of islands in the Indian Archipelago which were of great importance, and for which wars were fought, The Spice Islands. They were discovered by the Portuguese in 1512, and settled in 1524. The Portuguese were driven out by the Dutch in 1599 who recognised the trading potential of the East Indies, and formed  the  United East Indies Company.
They waged wars and  built many fortresses of which the main one was in Batavia. The company was very powerful as they had a monopoly in the area.  The spices were nutmeg, cloves , cinnamon and later rubber which were very much sought after in Europe. They took over many of the surrounding area. However in 1800 the Company was formally dissolved after the Dutch and the British were at war for control over the seas and the trade.

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