Antique maps and prints of Russia

For sale below is a selection of beautiful antique landscape prints, illustrations and antique maps of Russia. If you are looking for a particular location or cartographer, try the search box on the right hand side or feel free to contact me as I have many more in stock.

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Antique maps of Russia

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Landscape prints and illustrations of Russia

About prints, maps and views of Russia

There are some beautiful maps and prints of Russia, as befits a country that boasted one of Europe’s most magnificent courts.

At a very early age Russia was colonised by various Slavonic tribes, who settled in the neighbourhood of the waters of the Don, Dnieper, Dniester and Bog. The reign of Peter the Great is the most glorious period of Russian history. He established the maritime power of Russia. By connecting the rivers Volga, Don, and Dwina with canals, he opened communication between the Baltic and the Black and Caspian Sea and thus diverted a great portion of trade between Europe and Asia into Russian channels. In the 18th Century Fedor I. Soimonov, hydrographer and pioneering explorer, charted the Caspian Sea. The Caspian Sea chart I have on sale above dates to 1788.

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