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Welcome to Kittyprint, the home of affordable antique maps, views and prints on the internet for over ten years. I have a huge amount of stock, all guaranteed over 100 years old, built up over many years. Look through the items on these pages, and I’m sure you’ll find something you like. If you don’t, just contact me. I have a lot more stock which is not on Kittyprint yet.
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Antique Maps and Prints


Antique Maps

It takes no particular knowledge to appreciate and enjoy antique maps, town plans and views. They are interesting for their geographical and historical information, but they are also beautiful. And of course they make great gifts.

I have a wide range of antique maps, covering most of the world.

Looking for an antique map of somewhere in particular? Let me help!

Antique Prints, Engravings, Lithographs, Aquatints, etc.

The first printing technique was relief, using carved wooden blocks to create woodcut prints. This was difficult and not very accurate. Then Copper plate engraving into the plate using a graver or burin, was used. The plate is inked and cleaned, some ink remains in the engraved lines; when the plate is pressed onto paper under high pressure, it is this ink which is absorbed by the paper to produce the print impression into the surface, rather than relief. This proved much more efficient, and the copper plate could also be corrected if the engraver made an error.
From 1820 steel plates were used. Being a harder metal, they did not wear out so quickly. The plates lasted much longer and more prints could be produced before they wore out.
Wood Engraving. A print-making technique in which lines print white on a black background. There were many different techniques tried out from the early times when printing first began.


Even if I don’t have exactly the antique print you are looking for, I’m sure I can help you find it!


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